Monday, 17 August 2015

How can a QA/Tester improve his skills and stay up to date with market

Software industry changes every day and we testers are also part of this industry if we wont improve our self then some one else better than us will take our place learning is a never ending story we tester must also adapt this and i emphasis on continuous learning with hard work.Below are some points which i would like to mention

1. Always do lots of searching regarding new concepts new ideas new ways in field of QA and testing .  
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2. Try to find a new topic or a new skill which is practiced in industry but not in your company and then work on that skill and learn it.
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3. After learning a new skill don't just sit back practice it in your company and show your seniors what benefits we will get .

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4. Utilize your free time properly try to read tech books try to participate on online forums solve other peoples problems discuss as much you can .

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5.  Discuss things with your colleagues tell them how can you help them in their task like e.g  you know load testing tell and your developer is unsure how his new functionality will perform when multiple user will access you can help him and this will improve your effectiveness in company
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6. Never Give up learning new things is not a piece of cake you will face many hurdles many failures but you should never give up.
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Monday, 11 May 2015

Development of PDF Comparison API is completed

Hello every body just completed development on API 

you can donwload code from this link :  
Before Using this API in eclipse Project Create Following Folders
1. Differences
4. pdf1Images
5. pdf2Images

Example Usage

pdfComparison cmp=new pdfComparison();
//Text Comparison if(cmp.textComparision("PDF1 path","PDF2 path"))
System.out.print("\n**PDF text is identical* ");
      System.out.print("\n********PDF text is  not identical******* ");

//will extract all images used in pages content and then copy differnce in differences folder
    cmp.extract_ALL_Images_ThenCompare("PDF1 path","PDF2 path");
    cmp.PDF_Convert_To_Jpeg_Comparision("PDF1 path","PDF2 path");
//will compare every page text
cmp.textComparision(String file1,String file2)
 //will convert every page into JPEG and then compare difference is saved in Differences Folder in project 

Monday, 20 April 2015

Common Mistakes in Logged Bugs by Tester regarding a mobile phone app

While writing the defect report, it is also important that proper terms and terminologies must be used so that both the developer and the reporter have same understanding of the defect.
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Enlisted are a few common mistakes (along with their solutions) that are made while writing defect report.
  • Never write ‘click’ in the defect report of a mobile application. Instead write ‘Tap/Double Tap’ as these are the correct terms
          Image result for Tap on screen
  • A mobile application has ‘screens’ and not ‘pages’. Never use the term ‘page’ in the defect report of a mobile application as only web applications have ‘pages’.
  • The ‘keyboard’ that only contains numeric values is called ‘Keypad’. If this ‘Keypad’ is used for dialing numbers, it will be referred to as ‘Dial pad’. So always use the specific terms while reporting the defect.
          Image result for keyboard vs keypad
  • There are two screen views. i) Landscape, ii) Portrait. Used these terms instead of writing ‘horizontal screen’ and ‘vertical screen’ for Landscape and Portrait respectively.
          Image result for Landscape view mobile
  • ‘Drag n Drop’ is a term that is used for web applications. For mobile application, ‘slide to rearrange’ must be used.
          Image result for Drag and drop android
  • ‘Slide’ or ‘Swap/Swipe’ must be used when moving down the application screen instead of ‘scroll’.
  • Particularly in iPhone, there is a three line button on top which is used to show/hide side menu. This button is called ‘hamburger’ button. While writing the defect report, it is mostly referred to as ‘menu icon’ or ‘side menu button’.
         Image result for hamburger button Iphone 4
  • The use of the following terms will also make it easy for the dev to understand the defects properly.

  • Tap: Opens or launches whatever you tap.
  • Double Tap: Zooms in or out in stages.
  • Pan: Moves through screens or menus at a controlled rate.
  • Flick: Scrolls rapidly through menus or pages or moves sideways in hubs.
  • Pinch: Zooms gradually out of a website, map or picture.
  • Stretch: Zooms gradually in a website, map or picture.
  • Rotate: Move a picture or other item(s) on the screen in a circular direction (clockwise or counter-clockwise)

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